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'Pospex' is the development center of Simmakers Ltd.

Simmakers Ltd. is a resident of the Skolkovo innovative center. Our company collaborates with the world’s leading research centers — the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Simmakers Ltd provides services in computer simulation of technological and physical processes, software development for simulation, and consulting services in these areas. We offer our software solutions in the areas of fundamental physics, applied mathematics, logistics and statistics, parallelization and business processes designing.


Over 10 years of work we have implemented projects for clients in construction engineering, geology, machinery construction, and environmental engineering. Our professionals contribute to the development of science and technology, with more than 50 publications in scientific journals, and presentations at conferences and seminars.


The main directions:

• Computer Simulation


• Mathematics:

     • Math equations solvers

     • Numerical optimization

     • Мesh generations  

• Electrical Engineering


• Artificial intelligence:

    • Artificial neural networks

    • ANN Training algorithms

    • Evolutionary algorithms

    • Fuzzy logic

    • Expert systems   


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