Иностр. п. StartupLabs Inc. 


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Иностр. п. StartupLabs Inc. 

Startup Labs is a professional IT company, interested in delivering the newest inventions and products across various industries. As of today, we have developed 4 high-quality products for the affiliate platform users and over 50 lead generation websites for various industry verticals, including Payday Loans, Auto Financing, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy.

 However, only the sky is our limit. So far we have dealt mainly with affiliate marketing. However we plan to embark on a number of products in various business domains in the nearest future and need active, talented and ambitious IT-specialists to help us achieve our challenging goals.

 In all we do, we’re guided by our mission, which is to bring innovation to market while developing commercially successful products. By using the latest technologies and conducting thorough market research, we bring only the highest quality of products and services to our customers. We also value professionalism and try to achieve it through teamwork and continual self-improvement.

 Currently Startup Labs is a rapidly expanding company, which continues to maintain one of the leading positions in the region. Our innovative and flexible approach to IT product development has helped us enhance our product portfolio and gain customer loyalty.

 Startup Labs is headquartered in Langley, Canada and has an operational office in Vancouver, USA. In 2010 the company also opened its development office in Minsk, Belarus.

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