Иностр. п. Deutsche Lufthansa AG 


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Иностр. п. Deutsche Lufthansa AG 

"There is no better way to fly." This is the motto of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, one of the world‘s leading airlines. As an aviation group, the company carries more than 53 million passengers in the „Passage“ business segment. The company‘s customer base is being continuously reinforced – above all in the European home market and with the focus on the „Business Customers“ segment. The airline serves 4.35 million passengers per month, with a fleet comprising 390 aircraft; 187 destinations in 79 countries can be reached flying by Lufthansa as approximately 13,000 flights are scheduled every week. The Company is equally dedicated to excellence whether taking care of its customers, building fruitful relations with partners or ensuring that needs of the Company’s 95,000 employees worldwide are met.

Компания не разместила информацию об открытых вакансиях.