ООО ЭмАйБи АрмДев 


Я хочу тут работать

ООО ЭмАйБи АрмДев 

ООО "ЭмАйБи АрмДев" является R&D центром немецкой компании Develandoo (develando.com)

Компания насчитывает более 100 сотрудников в 4 офисах: Германия, Армения, Беларусь, Голландия.

Develandoo is an Artificial Intelligence Innovation Lab, specialized in building early-stage companies. We solve two major problems for companies:

1. Corporate Innovation departments are under huge pressure and face a constant demand to create new data-driven businesses based on Artificial Intelligence. In our ITaaS (Innovation Team as a Service) model, we work with corporate innovation departments as engineering partners and support them with Artificial Intelligence strategy, roadmap, and end-to-end solutions implementation.

2. Most of the startups have issues with finding capital or engineering resources to support their growth. In our CBaaS (Company Building as a Service) model, we work with early-stage companies by providing all of their engineering needs to reach product milestones. We act as a co-founder and co-funder, where we invest time and sometimes capital. We are generally compensated for our CBaaS services by a combination of cash fees, revenue share, exclusive integration partnership, and equity.

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