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Yumasoft is a global outsourcing software development company established in 2003 with reliable partners all over the world. Yumasoft offers software development, business automation, data migration, mobile & web development, and other software services for different industries: Retail, POS, Hospitality – restaurants and hotels, IT, Education, Manufacturing, Call Centers, Healthcare, Music, etc. Moreover, Yumasoft provides a range of software outsourcing services and custom software applications, tailoring them specifically to each client’s needs and requirements. Our headquarters are located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  We also have branches in Minsk, Belarus, and in New York City.

The company works with cutting-edge software technologies including:

  • Microsoft.Net: C #, Asp.net, Asp.net MVC, Silverlight, WPF, Sharepoint
  • Web technologies: HTML5, jQuery, KnockoutJS, JS, CSS, Ajax
  • Mobile technologies:  iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Cross-platform tools.

With the help of these instruments, our specialists create innovative software solutions for even the most complex and unusual problems. We care about our clients and always use our specific approach.

Our success can not merely be attributed to well written programming code - our engineers produce well thought-out, high-quality applications and programs, helping our clients improve their business processes, which boosts productivity, ROI, and overall success.  During the last 10 years we have developed a multitude of new applications and completed hundreds of projects for our clients from the US and Europe.

Yumasoft is an equal opportunity employer and an attractive work place – it’s a modern, energetic, international environment. We take a good care of our employees: competitive salary, great opportunities for professional growth, advanced benefits package, and more.

Finally, a few words about our corporate culture. The main features of our corporate culture of Yumasoft are:

  • Result oriented: we value the result more than the work process.
  • Teamwork:  supportive coworkers help everyone in his/her professional grow. We strongly believe that well-planned work does not lead to overtime, and we at Yumasoft do our best to avoid it.
  • Constant improvement: every employee’s achievements are always recognized and praised. Regular salary revision.
  • We love outdoor recreation and enjoy other corporate events as well.

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